Beta Farming (Currently Unavailable) Rewards

Owners of the Gamester NFT line will have special access to earn by completing surveys whilst playing the Betas of all current and future BAS releases. The Gamester NFTs will also avail of other priveleges within the BAS ecosystem, such as priveleged minting of our Genesis apes. A full roadmap will soon be released

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  • Play and Earn for providing your feedback in the BAS beta phases!

How does it work?

An NFT owner can deposit their NFT and BAS tokens into the Champions Farm from their available NFTs section, selecting a wallet to back as a champion. Note: A Wallet can only have 1 champion backing it, 2,000 BAS are required for each NFT you deposit. The champion must play 200 games within the 2 week period, if it does it will receive a survey in the second week and be rewarded for its feedback. NFT owners will get 75% of the rewards, champions will get 25%. There is an anti bot system in place to ensure that players who are idling and not playing moves will not receive games counting towards their survey unlock.

Users can withdraw their rewards from Your Champion and Champions Farm sections respectively. In the first week NFT holders will be able to deposit and withdraw their NFTs from the farm and change their champions, however from Monday to Friday of the second week all new deposits are locked, holders can still withdraw their NFTs and tokens however this will result in rewards not being paid out if they are eligible for them (Rewards paid out on the second friday of every 2 week cycle).

Champions Farm (For old farm visit: here)

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Available NFTs (Deposits require 2,000 BAS)

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